A rich legacy of healing at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Stroud.

We work with others to make lives better. We are part of the ‘Welcome Register’ and offer ex-prisoners a warm and genuine welcome – and a faith-based community to be part of. 

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Stroud is a self-governed branch of The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Our members are committed Christian Scientists with experience in healing through prayerful treatment, as taught by Mary Baker Eddy in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

Who we are

A little group of students from both meetings united and moved to premises in George Street, Stroud. Mr. Armfield was First Reader and Mrs. Blanch Second Reader.

The group was formally recognized as Christian Science Society, Stroud. 

More commodious premises were rented at Lower Lansdown Hall, Stroud.

The Society moved to premises in London Road, belonging to one of the members, Miss Seymour-Keay. Later a hall for services was added by this member and rented by the Society to accommodate the increasing attendance.

The first lecture was given in 1922 or 1923 by Mr. Frank Bell, C.S.B. Considerable public interest was aroused by this lecture. First Church of Christ, Scientist, Stroud host an annual lecture, free of charge and open to the public. Visit our events page for details of our next talk.

With a membership of 33, the Society applied for and received recognition as First Church of Christ, Scientist, Stroud.

When Lansdown Hall, the first rented home of the Society, went up for sale, the members of First Church Christ, Scientist, Stroud purchased the building in its entirety. Services began in this new home on the first Sunday in January 1931.

The first Christian Science service to be held in Stroud was at Beverstone House, Bath Road, the home of Rosa Blanch.

Mrs Blanch had been an invalid, suffering from epilepsy. She had been instantaneously healed in Christian Science, her practitioner being Mrs Miller of London. After this wonderful healing Mrs Blanch earnestly took up the study of Christian Science and started the healing work almost from the first.

Another service was afterwards started and held at Minchinhampton in the house of Mr. And Mrs. Maxwell  Armfield, and healing work was done.


The following were the first members: 

Rosa Blanch, Mabel Blanch, Maxwell Armfield, Constance Armfield, Rosanna Anderson Thompson, Lucy Webb

Among those who joined the organization in Stroud in its early days were: 

Matilda Gardiner, Sylvan Hemming, Edith How, James B. Ireland, Evelyn Gwynne-Evans, Nina Seymour-Keay

Miss Lucy Webb (Mrs Lucy Goodenough) is the composer of hymn 345 in the Christian Science Hymnal (1932).

Mr Armfield’s work could be seen from time to time in the Christian Science Monitor. 

Mrs Rosanna Thompson was a Christian Science practitioner for many years. Mrs Gwynne-Evans was a practitioner in London and Miss Seymour-Keay in Stroud.

A legacy of healing

One family's story

Frequently Asked Questions

Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer of Christian Science, based our religion on the Bible’s message of God’s love for man – and on the life and teachings of Christ Jesus and his followers. Christian Scientists consider Christ Jesus to be the way-shower to a clearer understanding of God.

Scientific things are provable. Christian Science is not ‘faith healing’. The law of God that Christ Jesus practiced and taught to others was and is demonstrable. God is knowable, and Christianity must be practical and demonstrable in everyday life. Science takes away the ‘miraculous’ element – spiritual healing isn’t miraculous, but demonstrates scientifically the divine Principle that is God.

No. Christian Science is around 140 years old and is a Christian denomination based on the Bible. It respects Mrs. Eddy for discovering the scientific truths demonstrated by Jesus and explaining them in her written works.

No. Christian Science recognises God as divine Mind, as the power in our human life. The human mind, mind over matter or positive thinking is not a component in scientific spiritual healing. Christian Scientists do not accept that God produces illness or suffering.

No. Mrs. Eddy founded Christian Science. She was a prolific author, started a weekly magazine (The Sentinel), a monthly magazine (The Journal) and an international newspaper – all of which are still being published almost 150 years later. Out of this respect and appreciation for her spiritual understanding, we often refer to her as ‘our Leader’.

Christian Science is natural, simple and practical. It discloses a beauty in nature rarely seen, and especially evidenced in the lives of the early Christians in healing. The teachings of Christian Science explain that healing follows naturally from the action of a divine Principle in human experience. This action is a consequence, not of a blind prayer, but of faith and understanding that all things are possible to God. Thereby bringing this natural action into one’s individual experience. Human health and wellbeing and seen to have a more divine basis, in the goodness of God.

In a word love. You will find this quality expressed by every Christian Science church. We endeavour to make you feel part of our church family, not just a welcome guest. But we do not proselytise. We are a small church, and members put a lot into caring for one another’s needs, providing the best possible service to the community. 

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