Reading Room

Similar to a library or bookstore, a Reading Room offers a place to read, pray, and get inspired. It’s a space where many have been healed by studying the lessons of the Bible and nurturing a connection with God.

There is always someone to answer your questions and offer a listening ear. We don’t preach or proselytise. And you will be sure of a warm welcome. We have a quiet area for study or you can sit and chat with our helpers. 

All are welcome to our Reading Room


The literature sold or exhibited in our Reading Room consists of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, and other writings by this author; also the literature published or sold by The Christian Science Publishing Society. Visitors can read and look at copies of the weekly magazine (the Sentinel) the monthly magazine (the Journal) or the weekly Monitor magazine. All of these publications have been in existence for more than a hundred years!

Our librarian and team are experienced Christian Scientist who is happy to answer any questions you may have about Christian Science and to guide you to resources. 

Our quiet room offers a well-lit reading area and desks for those who wish to avail themselves of our resource library

All are welcome to use our computers to peruse Christian Science resources online, including:

  • Concord, a Christian Science reference study resource
  • the Christian Science Monitor newspaper
  • JSH-Online, an archive of the Christian Science periodicals
  • Recordings and livestream broadcasts of Christian Science lectures
  • and much more!

Discover resources available in the Christian Science field in the UK, including Christian Science Nursing facilities, upcoming lectures, financial aid, events for young people and families, and much more.

What is a Christian Science Reading Room?

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